From Klaipeda Old Town to the Dunes of Neringa, from the the highlands of Samogitia to the amber Palanga Western Lithuania reveals the beauty of towns and little villages, rivers and lakes, forests and fortress mounds, sea and sky. Here, the light and cosy places go along with mysterious, untouched corners. Experience a new feeling, see how incredibly beautiful region was created by nature and people.

With a short coastline of just 98 kilometers, beaches aren’t the first thing that spring to mind when you think about Lithuania. Unlike more popular coastal destinations, this Baltic state’s seaside spots have remained relatively undiscovered. Here you can find five of the most beautiful beaches on Lithuania’s stretch of wild coast.

No matter how much you travel around Western Lithuania, there will always be unseen places and places worth visiting. Or places you want to come back to again and again. The reson for this is peoples hearts full of love to nature, people and the life itself. At every host’s land or home you will feel like at granmother. Attention, care and all the best will be offered to you.
See, feel and experience the beauty of nature, exited amber catching, pleasant SPA procedures, home food, biking and hiking… Listen to Lithuanian songs and a remarkable fairy tales and legends – all that folk wisdom gives us. Which enriches our soul and awakens the imagination.


Travel to Klaipeda and western Lithuania region, Lithuania

When traveling to a destination abroad or at your homeland you can choose between different transport modes which all have different impacts on the environment.  The suggestion below outlines the most environmentally friendly way to travel to Lithuania from the neighboring countries that took part in the wellbeing project.

One special note is that it takes many hours to reach Klaipeda from the partner regions using collective transportation like bus, train or ferry. So, when considering to traveling to Klaipeda using sustainable means you can plan in a little self-care time, healthy snacks and reading that you want for a long time. Last case scenario you simply rely on serious carbon compensation methods.

Traveling from:

    • Gdansk/Gdynia in Poland – travel by coach bus or train, in the following direction – Warsaw -Vilnius – Klaipeda.
    • Vogelparkregion Recknitztal, Germany – there are bus and trains from Berlin- to Warsaw and from there to Vilnius – Klaipeda.
    • Denmark – you can take a train to Karlshamn, in Swenden, and take the ferry to Klaipeda. At the terminal you can take public transportation to the city center.
    • Sweden – take the ferry from Karlshamn to Klaipeda, from there you may take public transportation to reach the Klaipeda city.

Make sure you check timetables and connections! If you are taking by ferry, we highly recommend to pre-book your tickets.

Wellbeing Place Klaipėdos valstybinė kolegija!

We all want to feel good – especially on vacation.

Seaside wellbeing rendezvous in the Lithuanian winter

Route: The winter season on the Lithuanian seaside offers serendipitous wellbeing opportunities.

Wellbeing Experiences of the Lithuanian Indian Summer

Wellbeing experiences of the Lithuanian indian summer.

Darniojo sveikatingumo turizmo maršrutas Baltijos pajūryje ir Kuršių pamaryje

Route: Find your peace of mind along the Baltic coastal wellbeing route.

Health trail in Pajūris Regional Park

New walking trail in Pajūris Regional Park.

Western Lithuanian bicycle trail

Bike trail in Lithuanina coast

Vente horn

Ventes cape one of the best places in Europe to observe migrant birds

Rusne island

Rusnė island a popular place for birdwatching

Neringa resort

Nida (Neringa) resort an upmarket holiday resort.

Šventoji beach and Samogitian Sanctuary

Pillars of Balts' gods carved by artists on the beach of Sventoji

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Atostogų parkas

Holiday Park, the largest recreation and wellness complex in Western Lithaunia.

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Juodojo kranto ritualai

Wonderful wellbeing services at this SPA center in Juodkrante.

Palanga beach

Palanga Beach - a wonderful Blue Flag beach by the Botanical park.

Nida beaches

Nida beach -the biggest settlement on the Curonian Spit with wonderful beaches.

Melnrage Beach

Melnragė Beach, located in the port town Klaipėda .

Juodkrantė beach

Juodkrantė beach was awarded the Blue Flag in 2001.

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Sala Plateliai Resort

Recreation and entertainment complex

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Bakery “Pas Betą”

Bakery “Pas Betą” Breakfast & Lunch Restaurant Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant

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Grin Grin Raw bar & shop

"Grin Grin" is a raw food and juice bar, organic food shop.

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Namai be gliuteno bakery

Wholesale Bakery, Breakfast & Lunch café Vegetarian / Vegan /Raw cafe

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Ecological – biodynamic farm “Miško sodai“ (Forest gardens)

"Forest gardens" organic-biodynamic farm.

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Melnmuize Guest House

Melnmuize Guest House is a family-run cozy homestead

Karkle beach

Karkle Beach - locals and tourists favorite beach in Klaipeda.

Pajuris Seaside Regional Park

Seaside Regional Park is located in western Lithuania near the Baltic Sea.

Curonian Spit national Park

Curonian Spit National Park has been shaped by sea, wind and human activity.

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Vinetu kaimas

Vinetu village - a place for active leisure, camping, therapies and education .

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SPA Levanda

Body treatments and other SPA activites

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Ginsve Wellness Studio

Ginsve wellness studio - long experience in health and sports

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Baltic bike travel

Baltic Bike Travel is a cycling and nature holidays organiser

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Donatas Abrutis bee honey farm

Bee honey farm, provides educational programmes, apitherapy

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Ateik Ateik kavinėje

A small café by the beach that offers the perfect place for coffee

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Café Olando kepure

A place for business or romantic meetings, cozy private celebrations.

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Viešbutis Vanagupe

The five-star hotel Vanagupe is located in the shadows of the Baltic Sea coast.

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Karkelbeck No. 409

Enjoy this sustainable homestead, camping and guest house

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