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We welcome you to visit us for your next vacation. At a wellbeing destination you can nourish you soul, rejuvenate your body and relax your mind. Our homes and places of wellbeing offer activities and experiences that are sustainable and contribute to wellbeing for body, mind, and soul.


Discover our places & hosts

Wellbeing traveling is about life quality where you can rest and recover, discover unique and
exciting places and fulfill yourself with joy and happiness, in stillness or together with others.
Start your journey and discover our fantastic homes and places of wellbeing!

Experience a wellbeing route

Discover our carefully selected sites and activities based on true wellbeing values. This is just the starting point, there are many more wellbeing adventures waiting for you around the various South Baltic regions. Follow our eco-friendly routes and try more sustainable travel modes, together we can reduce the negative impacts of tourism.

Wellbeing is well doing

Your choices make a difference!

Wellbeing Tourism – is a specific type of tourism where you as a guest and visitor have the intention to feel good and do good on your holiday.

Discover Home of Wellbeing

We may be a small part of the earth, but we have a lot to offer. Visit our regions in the South Baltic and discover the mesmerizing, magical forests, endless beaches, flowering meadows, and be amazed by the living cultural heritage. We invite you to meet our kind and caring hosts and enjoy their genuine offers.

We welcome you as our wellbeing guest.

Wellbeing Promo Code

In order to encourage our wellbeing travellers to conduct an environmentally and socially aware wellbeing tourism, we have invited various Homes of Wellbeing across the South Baltic Region to be part of our Promo Code system. This mean, that all wellbeing travellers, who visit our Wellbeing Atlas and are aware of and keep themselves up to date with our travelling concept, have the chance to receive – free of charge – kind and heartfelt treats from various Homes of Wellbeing. This treats could result in a beverage, a snack, a small produce and many more!

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“Moving towards sustainability
is a journey, with your help we can make tourism a part of a sustainable future!”

The wellbeing team