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The South Baltic Region have a beautiful and magnificent nature and it is rich of cultural heritage just waiting to be explored during your next vacation, weekend or trip. Wellbeing is well doing for body, mind, soul, environment, society and for the economy – for you as well for all others!

Take a wellbeing tour

Explore your wellbeing destination. Traveling is about experiences, recovery, enjoyment, feeling harmony, happiness, excitement and whilst feeling good you can also be doing good.

Around the South Baltic Region, you will find several designated routes that bring you wellbeing for the body, mind, and soul. These routes are specially designed and composed of points of interest, companies, and other seeworthy wellbeing places that take great care and consideration of the surrounding nature and its biodiversity, as well as for the people and communities nearby.

These carefully selected routes are meant to inspire you to experience honest wellbeing offers as sustainable possible. Indulge in our routes, find your favourite, and build your very own tours with our welcoming hosts and beautiful places.