The Polish coastline invites you to the Baltic home of #wellbeing. Untouched nature, beautiful landscapes, unique cuisine, high-quality services and unforgettable experiences are all you need to relax. Treat yourself well.

Discover the beauty of the Polish coastline

The Polish coastline is a perfect place to relax. It welcomes guests with a calm atmosphere and warm, regional heart. Pomerania offers everyone a moment to take a breath and admire the surroundings. Beautiful and colorful gardens, calm forests, quiet lakes, sandy beaches, cultural heritage and kind people will make your stay unforgettable. Poles, like other Slavs, are naturally hospitable, which is confirmed even by Polish proverbs. They always welcome their guests with real joy and genuine warmth.

Pomorskie is one of the most attractive and best-developing regions of the country. Due to its location near the Baltic Sea (the length of the coastline is 316 km), Pomorskie offers excellent relaxation and a variety of activities connected to nature.

Besides having a diverse natural topography, Pomorskie is also a multicultural region. Remarkable historical and geographic circumstances have encouraged its people to be open-minded and hospitable.

Pomorskie is a land friendly to everyone: its people, tourists and entrepreneurs.


Travel to Gdansk and Gdynia region, Poland

When traveling to a destination abroad or at your homeland you can choose between different transport modes which all have different impacts on the environment.  The suggestion below outlines the most environmentally friendly way to travel to Poland from some neighboring countries.


The best way of traveling from:

    • Kalmar Region Sweden – you can reach the ferry terminal in Karlskrona with public transportation. From there travel by ferry to Gdynia, followed by public transportation to your final destination.
    • Vogelparkregion Recknitztal, Germany – you are able to do most of the travel by train. Make sure you check timetables and connections.
    • Klaipeda, Lithuania – travel by coach bus or train, from Klaipeda – Vilnius – Warsaw – Gdansk/Gdynia. The trip is rather long so prepare your self-care package, healthy snack and a nice book for your wellbeing journey.
    • Denmark – one way to reach Pomorskie is to travel through Sweden and take the ferry from Karlskrona to Gdynia. Then use public transportation to reach your final destination. A longer route is to travel by ferry from Copenhagen to Świnoujście, or by train through Germany.

Make sure you check timetables and connections. If you travel by ferry, we highly recommend to pre-book your tickets.

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Wyobraź sobie, że odpoczywasz na skraju rezerwatu, gdzie budzi Cię śpiew ptaków

Ptasi Raj

Walking trail on the Sobieszewo Island

Przez zielone serce Pomorza

A five-day biking trail thru mesmerizing landscapes

Zrównoważona wycieczka po Gdańsku

Route: Take a sustainable tour in Gdansk - the capital of the voivodeship.

Kaszubski spokój

Route: The Kashubian peace of mind route- be mesmerized by the characteristic landscape and exceptional beauty.

Piękno przyrody

Route: Beaches, nature, and multicultural treasures on Sobieszewo Island and around the Vistula Lagoon.

Mewia Łacha

The Mewia Łacha nature reserve


The Sobieszewo Island

Rezerwat Ptasi Raj

The Bird’s Paradise Nature Reserve

Park Oliwski

The Oliwa Park -magical walks in the most beautiful park in Gdańsk.


If you fancy a walk in the woods, you do not have to leave the city of Gdańsk.

Gradowa Mountain

A hill with spectacular views in the vicinity of the historic Śródmieście


The Garrison - a new district which is becoming the new centre of Wrzeszcz.

Młode Miasto

The Young town Gdansk - discover historic shipyard, buildings and infrastructure

Muzeum Bursztynu

Visit Amber Museum located in The Great Mill built in the 14th century.

Główne Miasto w Gdańsku

The Main City in Gdansk. explore all important and beautiful monuments

Wdzydze Landscape Park

Spend a magical time by the Kashubian lakes surrounded by forests.

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Kashubian Ethnographic Park

Museum was founded to protect and present cultural heritage of Kashubian region.

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Park 45

A peaceful stay in cabins arranged among trees just a few steps from the sea

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Nowy Jantar

Nowy Jantar is a pro-health project

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Lawendowa Osada

Invite you to discover your inside beauty and to create a joyful blossoming.

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A holistic approach to the medicine in harmony with nature.

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Amber Dream Sopot

Family manufactured healing pillows

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Amber Dust

Amber Dust combines natural benefits and a science to deliver balanced harmony

Czołpino beach

This beach is located in Słowiński National Park.

Chłapowo beach

The city is really calm, located near the Sports Center in Cetniewo

Słowiński National Park

The park's takes pride is the largest stretch of moving sand dunes in Europe.

Bory Tucholskie National Park

One of the quietest and beautiful places in Poland.

Gdynia Orłowo beach

Orłowo is a picturesque district of Gdynia – a city in the North of Poland.

Sopot beach

Sopot is the city of SPAs and good standard hotels.

Chałupy beach

Chałupy is a well-known place for many camping options and water sports.

Jurata beach

Jurata is a well known relax destination for artists, especially painters.

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