Kaszubski spokój

The Kashubian peace of mind route- be mesmerized by the characteristic landscape and exceptional beauty.

To fully appreciate the allure of Kashubia, it is worth going on a short trip, for instance to nearby Przywidz.

By taking this route you can experience beautiful and varied natural places like forests and lakes. Local farmers have their products and services available for purchase, such as organic eggs, mushrooms, honey, cheese, vegetables, they also rent bicycles, kayaks, or boats, offer horse riding, bathing in tubs, sauna, fishing, and much more.

The trip starts at the Głębokie Lake surrounded by forests and small villages with shady avenues of trees. They surround the street tightly, thus creating a canopy over it. It is a very characteristic element of the landscape of Kashubia. Currently, trees not only constitute an important barrier to noise, but they are also extremely valuable habitats for birds such as kites, buzzards, goldfinches, rollers, finches, insects like hermit beetles, lichens, as well as migration routes for bats. The most sturdy, wide-stretching, and oldest trees with hollows are exceptionally beautiful.

Due to numerous hills, quite specific climate caused by a higher level of the terrain in relation to, for example, Gdańsk, and the woody shield, the snow cover lasts longer here than in the neighbourhood. Kashubia is becoming a good place for such winter sports as cross-country and downhill skiing thanks to ski lifts and well-lit slopes.

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Season: all year

Length: 1 day tour

Peace of mind

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Jezioro Głębokie

The Głębokie Lake is located next to Gałęzów village and it is surrounded by beautiful forests so you can fully enjoy the natural assets of the Kashubian area. Explore the areas by a lovely walk or get in harmony with nature quietly gliding across the water on a SUP.



In this area, you can find many calm spots where you can rest on a blanket, take a book, crosswords or sudoku with you and intentionally engage in leisurely activities – this is the perfect recipe for relaxation! At the north-eastern end of the lake, you will find a cosy beach among the trees, where the lake is shallow. It makes another perfect place to take a rest, go for a picnic or practice yoga, depends on your preferences.

The surroundings of the Głębokie Lake makes perfect opportunity to start a mindful hiking (see the activity card). Furthermore, with a bit of luck, you may watch from a distance elks, deer, roe deer, fallow deer and badgers that live in the forests around Przywidz.

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Jezioro Głębokie, 83-047, Poland

Jezioro Klonowskie

The Klonowskie Lake is a calm, charming lake located between picturesque hills.



It is a perfect place for summer and winter activities and walks away from the hustle and bustle of large resorts. This area looks special during all seasons.  Go for a walk around the lake, and then sit on a blanket and just relax with a delightful book or a newspaper.

A walk along the lake will take you to the village of Klonowo Dolne. If you visit this area between the end of March and the middle of August, gaze up and look for storks in their nests. White storks readily take advantage of such a neighbourhood with thinly scattered farms, arable fields, and meadows. You will most likely see the birds either making a nest or wandering in the fields.

Jezioro Klonowskie, Poland

Jeziora Przywidzkie Duże i Małe

The Przywidzkie Lakes is two beautiful lakes Przywidzkie Wielkie Lake and the Przywidzkie Małe Lake surrounded by picturesque beach, pine and oak forests in the Kashubian Lake District



Once on the lake shore, you may either walk along the southern shore or take a shorter trip along the sunny northern shore. Before you go further, take a break on a vast, coastal clearing with benches and tables. It is a good place to take a rest, go for a picnic, camp, practice yoga.

Around both the Przywidzkie Wielkie Lake and the Przywidzkie Małe Lake, there are small, sandy beaches perfect for the enthusiasts of summer and winter swimming, but also there are kayak and boat rentals. From the Przywidzkie Wielkie Lake, it is worth visiting an island in the middle of it, a nature reserve protecting the beech and oak forest that the island is covered with.

If you keep going, you will get to a bridge across a canal between the lakes. Once you cross it, turn right onto the forest road leading along the holiday resorts that also offer many winter attractions. When the road approaches the Przywidzkie Małe Lake, you will see a pleasant view of Przywidz, with a brick church tower, the blue of the water and the sky and colourful trees. The Lakes are remarkably beautiful in spring with lush greenery but also in October, with all the colours of autumn. Take a painting kit with you to transfer such lovely views onto canvas.

Jezioro Przywidzkie Wielkie, Poland

How to get around

This route may take more time and can be covered on foot with specially designed walking poles, by bicycle, and in winter with cross-country skis. Naturally, you can cover the route at once or in stages, staying overnight along the way.

Your mode of travel makes a difference!

A major part of traveling is getting from place to place. Whether you are abroad or traveling in the local or regional communities. There are multiple transportation options to choose from but as a wellbeing guest, with the intention of doing good, a sustainable transport mode is to be preferred. Sustainable transport systems make a positive contribution to the environmental, social, and economic sustainability of the communities they serve.

In the example below, you can see how different transport choices give more or less CO2 emissions per passenger-kilometers. We hope it can help you make changes on the way you get around.

Background and assumptions to the calculation

The length of the route is 4,8 km.

In the examples below we have the following assumptions:

  • All drivers have a fuel-efficient way of driving.
  • The calculation for buses considers that they are operating in partial load capacity.
  • CO2 emission for electric vehicles may vary based on how electricity is produced.
  • We use a single average for biogas emissions, although it may vary according to the production mode.

Note: The transport modes below are for comparison purposes. Check their availability at your destination. Different transport modes may affect the suggested length of the route.

Choose wisely and reduce your carbon footprint!
Bike - 0 g/CO2

Best Choice, Low Impact

Electrical Bike
Electric bike - 22 g/CO2

Low Impact

Public Transport
Public transport - 129 g/CO2

Medium Impact (provided that the Bus is well filled)

Electric car
Electric car - 99 g/CO2

Medium Impact (Medium sized electric vehicle)

Biofuel car
Biofuel car - 68 g/CO2

Medium Impact (Medium sized biogas vehicle)

Car - 259 g/CO2

High Impact (Medium Sized diesel vehicle)

Do you travel climate-smart?

Calculate your trip’s climate footprint! The Travel & climate calculator will help you choose travel options with low climate impact between different destinations. You can also have an estimative about the impact of your accommodation.