Photo by Keksdieb
Photo by Keksdieb
Photo by Keksdieb
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Health and joy for life - that's what we all want for our companion. Regular training, exercise and fun play just as big a role as the quality of the daily feeding.

In our store in Langendorf we offer different kinds of treats, from cookies with spelt, to gluten-free cookies, to cookies without wheat! Furthermore, in addition to Keksdieb products made in our factory, we offer an expanded range: from now on we have frozen premium food from a certified manufacturer of first-class pet food. The food is produced regionally in compliance with the strictest EU regulations. Harmful additives are completely avoided and a particularly gentle and vitamin-preserving production is responsibly ensured.

Keksdieb is a manufactory for high quality and well tolerated dog treats. Keksdieb treats are made by hand and are without the addition of chemicals, wheat or fillers & attractantsThe team consists of 6 full-time employees who, by using natural food-grade ingredients, guarantee that your dog gets only what is digestible for him.

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