Tips on how to develop your business

Start your journey to become a Home of Wellbeing. Step by step we will help you strengthen and develop you business. With the intention to do good you will contribute to wellbeing to guest, staff and for yourself without harming our environment.

The criteria for Home of Wellbeing

Wellbeing Tourism is tourism that supports harmony and balance of body, mind, and soul for guests and hosts, in a sustainable interaction with the local community and environment. To become a wellbeing company- A Home of Wellbeing – you need to evaluate your business and offers against a number of criteria. On this page and the four pages with tips, you will get inspiration and hands-on information on how to develop your business to pass all the questions in the self-evaluation test.

Your journey towards your goals

A host support a costumer in a grocery store

To be able to develop and become a wellbeing company, it will help if you identify the positive and negative impact your business has on the environment, on the economy, and on other people – and on their body, mind, and soul.

To get your priorities in place and thereby achieve your goals and grow your business, a good way of working is to have a business development plan. Here is a simplified way to get started.

You current status – what is it?
  • define your current status – try to think about:
    • What would you measure to define the current state?
    • How can you measure it?
  • when you know your status – how do you feel about it
When know you want to improve – make a strategy!
  • define your policies, aims, goals and objectives
    • keep everything easy to understand
  • decide when they will be achieved
  • define your budget
  • decide who will do what
  • define how to follow up your achievements and results

Motivation is key to achieving goals. What will motivate you, your staff, and your guests?

Give feedback

Also, consider how you will carry out regular feedback.

  • Everyone needs feedback to get better at what they do.

Climb the ladder towards improvement

Hands baking bread

As a ladder, it takes many steps to reach the heights of your ambitions. This ladder can be used to tap yourself on the shoulder and be proud of what you’ve achieved so far.

Step 1 – We are getting started!

Step 1 Assign responsibilities, identify risk

We have knowledge of the criteria for how to become a Home of Wellbeing. We have identified and investigated our current overall status/situation. We have identified risks. We have distributes responsibilities in our company for important criteria. We have identified laws and regulations that we must follow. We have started to implement some measures for improvement.
– we are informing guests and customers of our intentions.

Step 2 – Everyone is on board!

Step 2 Appoint managers, set goals, follow up

The insight and knowledge of our business development plan for the wellbeing journey are well-known in the board of directors and management. There are designated persons in charge of each measure or topic. We have a system for following up on our goals and making sure that we follow laws and regulations.
– we educate guests and customers on how they can contribute to reducing the negative impact and support positive development

Step 3 – We are being strategic!

Step 3 Policies, key figures & working groups

We now have policies and action plans in place. We monitor and follow up on our key figures. We have engaged the staff and have working groups focusing on various issues.
– we have a program for guest and customers interaction and support to find new ways to take the next step

Step 4 – We are making a difference!

Step 4 Continuous improvement and commitment

We are, at all levels, strongly committed to the sustainable wellbeing development of our business – taking environmental, economic, and social aspects into account. We have control of the impact our activities, products, or services have on people and on the planet. We make continuous improvements and develop the competence of our staff. Action plans are reviewed and the results are evaluated so we can adjust our goals and plans. Internat reviews are conducted regularly. Policies and measures are employed to drive positive changes.
– guest and customers contribute and are part of our wellbeing work

Develop your own Wellbeing strategy

What is a strategy

A strategy is a plan for how you will achieve your vision or certain aims, goals, and objectives.


Whats the difference between, aim, goal, objetive

Example of vision – aim – goal and objective

Vision: Me on a wellbeing vacation in Sweden

  • Aim: Within a year I will go to Sweden on vacation
    • Goal 1: Get passport, assurance etc in order
    • Goal 1: To afford the journey
      • Objective 1: Save money
      • Objective 2: Share cost with a friend
    • Goal 2: To decide a destination and a route to follow
      • Objective 1: learn more about Kalmar as a Wellbeing destination from the ATLAS
      • Objective 2: make a route and book the trip


Another example:
So: Our vision is of a world where everyone is feeling well. Our mission is to provide expertise and resources to enable people anywhere to raise wellbeing. Our aim is to empower people to grow their own wellbeing and an objective might be to deliver training and tools to 100 wellbeing companies 2022 that intend to do good.