Tips on how to develop your business

Start your journey to become a Home of Wellbeing. Step by step you will be guided to develop your business. With the intention to do good you will contribute to wellbeing to guests, staff and yourself.

The criteria for Home of Wellbeing

Wellbeing Tourism is tourism that supports harmony and balance of body, mind, and soul for guests and hosts, in a sustainable interaction with the local community and environment. To become a wellbeing company- A Home of Wellbeing – you need to evaluate your business and offers against a number of criteria. On this page and the pages with tips, you will get inspiration and hands-on information on how to develop your business to pass the questions in the self-evaluation test.

The journey towards your wellbeing goals

A host support a costumer in a grocery store

To be able to develop and become a wellbeing company, it will help if you identify the impact your business has on the environment, on the economy and society, and the impacts your products and services have on the clients – on their body, mind, and soul.

To get your priorities in place and thereby achieve your goals and develop your business towards increased wellbeing, a good way of working is to revise your business plan. Here is a simplified way to get started.

You current status
  • Define your current status. What can you measure to define the current state of your business and how can you measure it?
  • When you know your status, how well is it in line with the aim of your business and your values?
Making a strategy
  • Develop your policies, aims, goals and objectives, make them measurable and ensure they are achievable within the scope of your business
  • Decide when the goals will be achieved
  • Define your budget
  • Decide who will do what
  • Define how to follow up on your achievements and results

Motivation is key to achieving the goals you defined for your business. What will motivate you, your staff, and your guests?

Request feedback

Everyone benefit from feedback to improve what they do. Consider how you will request feedback regular.

Climbing the ladder towards improvement

Alike climbing a ladder, it takes many steps to reach the heights of your ambitions. This ladder can be used to tap yourself on the shoulder for each step that you progress.

Step 1 – Get started

Assign responsibilities and identify risks

Aquire knowledge of the wellbeing criteria on how to become a Home of Wellbeing. Identify and investigate your current overall status or situation. Identify risks. Distribute responsibilities in your company for the important criteria. Identify related laws and regulations that you must follow. Start to implement measures for improvement. Inform guests and customers of your intentions.

Step 2 – Get everyone on board

Appoint managers, set goals and follow up

Ensure the knowledge of your business development plan for your wellbeing journey is well-known among the management or board of directors. Let designated persons be in charge of each measure or topic if possible. Keep a system for following up on your goals and make sure you follow laws and regulations. Educate guests and customers on how they can contribute to reducing the negative impact of the business and support positive development.

Step 3 – Be strategic

Policies, key figures & working groups

When you have policies and action plans in place, monitor and follow up on your key figures. Engage the staff and establish working groups focusing on various issues. Have a program for guest and customers interaction and support to identify new ways to take the next steps.

Step 4 – Make a difference

Continuous improvement and commitment

Be committed to the development of your business towards increased sustainability and wellbeing – taking environmental, economic, social and health aspects into account. Have control of the impact of your activities, products, or services on people and on the planet. Make continuous improvements and develop the competence of your staff. Review action plans and evaluate the results to enable adjustment of your goals and plans. Conduct online surveys regularly and read reviews about your business (for example Tripadvisor and Google). Employ policies and measures to drive positive changes. Ensure guests and customers contribute and are part of your efforts to contribute to increased wellbeing.

Wellbeing criteria lists

Criteria for wellbeing gastronomy

The criteria for gastronomy can, in a practical and enlightening way, give you tips and inspiration on how you can develop your restaurant or café in line with wellbeing. The document will also guide you through the self-evaluation test for gastronomy that can accessed via your account on this website (PDF).

Criteria for wellbeing accommodation

This folder will guide you through the criteria for wellbeing businesses in accommodation. Let yourself be inspired and get guided on how you can develop your B&B, hostel, campsite, hotel, and the like, in line with the wellbeing concept (PDF).

Criteria for wellbeing products

A wellbeing company is aware and considerate about presenting fair and sustainable sourced products to customers. The criteria for wellbeing products will give you valuable insights on what to think of when developing your business in line with the wellbeing concept (PDF)

Criteria for wellbeing services and experiences

The criteria for wellbeing services will support you in developing your business model and guide you through the process of becoming a wellbeing company that offers experiences that contribute to the wellbeing of your customers body, mind, and soul (PDF).

Criteria for wellbeing places

Get inspired by the criteria and guidelines for wellbeing places. The material can give you support and guidance when defining and developing a true wellbeing place (PDF).

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