Evaluate your business

Start your journey to become a Home of Wellbeing. Step by step we will help you strengthen and develop you business. With the intention to do good you will contribute to wellbeing to guest, staff and for yourself without harming our environment.

Evaluate your business

When you have sign-up and created an account you have the possibility to evaluate your business using one or more of our self-evaluation tests. By evaluating your business against the criteria for Wellbeing tourism you can discover areas you have already developed and that you can promote to your customers, you will also get feedback about areas you can improve. If you pass the test, you will become a Home of Wellbeing and have the possibility to market yourself on the Atlas.

There are self-evaluating tests for business within the following four categories:

  • accomondation (for example hotel, pensionat, B&B, campingsites)
  • food (for example café, restaurants, food truck, juicebars)
  • products (for example shops, stores or for example famr-shops offering crops, handcraft, beauty product)
  • service (this applies to all possible types of offers for guests and customers for example: guided tours, treatments, trainings, courses, music, events, yoga classes )

When you do good, you feel good and develop a state of wellbeing.”
Lovisa Wendt

How does it work

On the page “My Account” you will find the button “Evaluate your business” – click on it to access the four self-evaluating tests. Start with the self-evaluating test for your main categories.

  • If your business includes more than one category and you will do more than one self-valuating test, a lot of the questions will be the same – you will need to answer all questions in every questionnaire.
  • The self-evaluation test contains five mandatory questions, these five questions concern actions, issues, or responsibilities that are crucial in order to ensure that wellbeing tourism is delivered.
  • The self-evaluation test is devided in four parts
    • An environmental firendly business
    • Contribute to the development of others
    • Be a welcoming host
    • A sustanable workplace
  • All questions are “YES” and “NO” questions
  • Some questions have the option “NOT RELEVANT”

How to be approved

  • You must fulfill 75% of all the relevant questions in the selected self-evaluation test
    • If you answered “NOT RELEVANT” on any question – this question will not be included in the 75% that requires a “YES” answer
  • You must fulfill all the mandatory questions.

One icon for each passed self-evaluation test

Once you pass a self-evaluation test and are being approved, you will receive an icon for each category you successfully pass.

Steps to do: take one or more self-evaluation test
Steps do to: upload text and photos