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When it comes to promoting your tourism business – whether you are an attraction, restaurant, museum, or hotel you want to distribute your message, and attract more visitors. Help them find the contact information and descriptions that are inspiring and genuine.

Create your business card

On the Wellbeing Atlas you have a possibility to describe your business. By choosing text that is aligned with your values and offers you create the feeling you want to communicate to your customers and clients. Your business will be described and promoted on a ‘business card’, a page just for you.

On this page, you find short instructions on how to finalize your sign up process properly before being published online.

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To guide potential customers to find and learn more about your business, you need to provide them with information such as your address, contact info, social media links, and photos. It is crucial for your success that it is easy for potential customers to find you online and that the information is clear and continuously updated. Dedicate time to make sure that you are visible, and that your information is transparent, genuine, and easy to understand.

1. The name of your business

Account name: Here is where you enter the name of your business.

The name of your business will be visual when the visitors are looking for places and companies that provide wellbeing. It will be displayed at the top of your business card.

2. Contact information

Add information to enable customers to easily contact you and learn more about your business.

Contact person

For communication between you and the wellbeing team.

  • Will not be visual on the published business card page.
Internal email address

For communication between you and the wellbeing team.

  • Will not be visual on the published business card page.


Public email address

For communication with your customer.

  • Will be visual on your published business card page.


  • Email is an important information channel between you and your customer.
  • The quality of your customer service emails affects your customers’ perception of your brand. Be personal when writing and use wellbeing wordings.
  • Be clear and easy to understand. Keep things simple.
Phone number 1

For communication with your customer.

  • Will be visual on your published business card page.
Phone number 2

For communication between you and the wellbeing team.

  • Will not be visual on your published business card page.
Social media accounts

Add all your available and active accounts representing your business.


  • all your social media accounts should be aligned with your values and marketing strategy.
Address to your destination

This will help guide your guests to your facility.

  • Will be visual on your published business card page.
  • Will be visual as a marker on the published map.

3. Describe your business

The information texts about your business are a large part of the communication of your business and is an opportunity for you to create memorable images of your brand for the reader.

The readers are elusive, you only have a few seconds to capture their interest. So do not waste precious time on information that does not say anything substantial. It should also be aligned with what is written on your own website or on your social media. The text should be easy to read, clear, and complete. Proofread the text many times, get help from friends and acquaintances, partners and customers – it is easy to become blind to flaws. Mainly maintain your “About us” text so that you have up-to-date information about your company. It makes you more interesting.

On the Wellbeing Atlas you have four small blocks available for your promotion, use them wisely. Get support from the Wellbeing tourism booklets and films to create a wonderful wellbeing text, supported by beautiful and inspiring photos.

Pop-up description (Max 80 characters)

The very essence

  • This text is visual when visitors hoover over your pictures.
  • This is your possibility to give a great first impression.

Present the very essence of what you offer and what makes your business and product or service unique, fantastic, and how it contributes to wellbeing.

Short introduction (Max 600 characters)
  • This text is visual in bold on top of your business card.
  • Some visitors may only read this text and not the rest.
  • Speak directly to your guest by using “you”.

Besides the name of your business this text is the first, and perhaps only, text your potential guest and customer will read about you when they visit your business card.

Reflect on this text, is there something that is particularly beneficial to express, something unique with your place or offer that can distinguish your business and make customers choose you.

  • What do you offer? nutritious food, treatments, accommodation, experiences
  • Wat are you sharing? traditions, culture, knowledge, experiences, adventures
  • How is the experience of your place?-mesmerizing views, the waves of the sea, the pulse of the city, the healing power of nature, romantic, tropical, rural, genuine, historical, classic, modern
  • What is the budget level of your offers? luxurious, affordable

Description of your offers (Max 1000 characters)

Here is your possibility to shine. Describe what you will offer your guests, and how you will care for them. Describe where your products come from or how you perform a particular treatment. Create mental images for the reader and make them long for an experience with you.


Description of your business (Max 400 characters)

Describe your business values, and your hosting values. You may describe the history of your business. Let the visitor get to know you, for real. Be inviting and open. Strive for a genuine connection, let your guests know that they are in your thoughts and your priority.