Inspiration for wellbeing hosts

The South Baltic Region has a beautiful and diverse nature and it is rich in cultural heritage just waiting to be explored during your next vacation, weekend, or trip. Wellbeing is well doing for body, mind, soul, environment, society, and for the economy - for you as well for all others!

Accessibility – Design for all

Equality & universal design

Being aware of your social responsibilities is important. Equal, kind, and openhearted treatment of others is the foundation of social equality and inclusion, and an essence of wellbeing tourism. Personal engagement, communication, and accessibility are important topics. Treat everyone in the same way. Engage yourself in achieving positive interactions with your colleagues and guests. Be openminded and show understanding for differences in culture, personality, and for people’s different needs.

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Wellbeing Food – The art of plating

Wellbeing food – creative & delicious design

An important part of your wellbeing food or dishes, is the appearance. Food design such as decoration, colours, combination of raw materials and texture variations, as well as using differnt shapes, can play a big role in how your offers will be recieved. The phrase ”we eat with our eyes” agrees well with how guests and customers choose their food. Presenting your food in a tasty, natural and appealing way is especially important in the present time, particularly if you communicate your offers with photos on your website and in social media. Even if you are less active online, your offers can flourish by having your guests’ photograph, share and tag your company, or the food they buy.

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