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Start your journey to become a Home of Wellbeing. You will be guided step by step to develop you business in line with Wellbeing. With the intention to do good you will contribute to wellbeing to guests, staff and yourself.

Communicate your business with photos on the Wellbeing Atlas

How well your customers remember your messages depends on several factors. If the text is associated with a photo it will create an emotional connection to your company, products or services, and is more likely to stick with them longer.

You as a wellbeing host can let your photos communicate your care for the natural environment, your customers, staff and the surrounding community. Your photos should reflect your honesty in your business and your sustainable actions. Communicate all the good things that you do through your photos. Show your customers how you interact, collaborate, and co-create with others. Show your love and passion for what you do and offer.

GDPR and consent
  • The General Data Protections Regulation (GDPR) –  intend to protect the data of citizens within the European Union (EU).
  • The GDPR covers any information that can be classified as personal details or that can be used to determine your identity.
  • For children under the age of 16 parental consent is required to process any data.
  • Photos (and films) may contain personal data.
  • Consent in photography – People have a basic right to integrity, to make their own decisions about their bodies and personal data. Consent is someone’s agreement for another person to do something that would violate their integrity if it were done without their approval. If you want to publish photos of customers and staff and for the written approval.
Photo ownership
  • When ordering photos from a photographer, there are several things you need to keep in mind. As the customer of an image, you are responsible for its approval according to the GDPR. Make sure you know how and where you can use the photo or image and if you may cut or adjust it.
  • The person who creates an image will generally be the first owner of the copyright unless there has been some agreement to the contrary. Copyright © arises the moment a literary or artistic work is created. The creator, i.e. the author, then has an exclusive right to determine who can make copies of the work and how or whether the work should be made available to the public, e.g. by publishing it on the internet or disseminating it in some other way.
Photos are memorable
  • It is easier for people to remember a photo than an text.
  • Describe your facility or offer with a beautiful photo.
Photos make connections
  • Let your photos connect your products and services to the environment where they are produced: how they are made and by whom. Focus on the natural aspects, on sustainability and how they are creating wellbeing for your customers for you and the community.
Profile image style
  • A profile image style is a visual language that gives your potential customers the right feelings and connection to what you aim to communicate. Photos are one of the most efficient tools in marketing. Each photo communicate many words. That is why it is good to be aware of what message you communicate with your photos. Your visual language should also differentiate you from other actors and other types of tourism.
Photos communicate fast
  • The mental and emotional impact from a photo happens almost instantly.
  • Our brains process visual content at an incredibly high speed. An estimate is that people process visuals 60 000 times faster than words.

Mothers kiss
Pixabay, nastya_gepp

Your photos on the Wellbeing Atlas

There are three main photos on your business card

On your business card, there will always be three main pictures visible for the visitors, your potential customers. Make these photos count – the first impression is everything.

First photo – Header image 1

This is the largest photo (header), to the left on your business card.

Second & third photo – Header image 2 and Header image 3

These are the two smaller photos, to the left on your business card.


More images

You can add several more photos – your visitor will find them under “View all photos”.

Horizontal photographs

The best format for the Wellbeing Atlas are horizontal photographs (landscape format)

Consider your composition – the photos may however be cut
  • On the atlas the photos are sometime cut, use preview to make sure that you main subject in the photo is visual.
  • Where you place subjects within a photograph is called composition. Some examples:
    • The rule of thirds is a composition guideline that places your subject in the left or right third of an image, leaving the other two thirds more open.
    • Centered composition is a powerful way to draw attention to your main subject – the main subject is placed smack in the middle of the image frame.

How to upload photos from your computer

Step 1 Add Main header image – click button

Click on the button “Add image” to upload the main header image to the Wellbeing atlas.

Step 2 Add Main header image – drop or select

Click on “Select Files” to choose your main photo. Drop or select files from your computer.



Step 3 Upload more photos

Click on “Add image” to add “Additional header images”.