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Home of ‘hygge’ and happiness – home of wellbeing. Long clean peaceful sandy beaches, lots of bicycles, really great food, charming countryside with unmanned stalls, lots of trails for hiking and biking, and people with passion waiting to host you. The Land of Everyday Wonder.

The ancient heart of Denmark

Plan your next vacation to the islands Zealand, Møn, Lolland and Falster. This ancient heart of Scandinavia is the port to the Baltic Sea and offers you lots of hiking and biking trails, unspoiled coastline with peaceful sandy beaches, the wonders at Møns Klint and Stevns Klint, Viking-history in Roskilde, and wellbeing hosts. Find peace of mind, explore nature and enjoy sustainable traveling.


Travel to Denmark

When traveling to a destination abroad or at your homeland you can choose between different transport modes which all have different impacts on the environment.  The suggestion below outlines the most environmentally friendly way to travel to Denmark from some neighboring countries:

Environmentally friendly traveling suggestions:

    • Sweden – choose the train to Copenhagen and from there, you can go further by connecting train or bus.
    • Vogelparkregion Recknitztal, Germany – from Rostock take the ferry to Gedser, from there you can take public transportation or follow the signed Berlin-Copenhagen bicycle route.
    • Klaipeda, Lithuania – you can take the ferry from Klaipeda to Karshamn and follow by public transport (bus /train) to Copenhagen. At the Copenhagen main station there are many types of connection to your final destination.
    • Gdansk/Gdynia, in Poland – one way is to travel through Sweden by taking the ferry to Karlskrona and  after a bus to the central station a train to Copenhagen. A longer but possible route is to travel by ferry from Świnoujście to Copenhagen, as well as by train through Germany.

Make sure you check timetables and connections.


Hunosøen - a Danish wellbeing place
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Huno Sø – the Lake of Huno

Lake of Huno - a peaceful wellbeing place

Geopark Odsherred

Geopark Odsherred

The peninsula Feddet

Feddet (Præstø Fed)

The peninsula, Feddet, offers a distinctive scenery with moorland and many paths


Biking trail


Skjoldungestien – The Skjoldunge Path

Walking trail


A 175 km long hiking trail for hikers looking for peace for the soul

Permatopia field with ducks
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Karise Permatopia

Learn about living sustainably on guided tours in Karise Permatopia

Mobil SaunaGus_(c)_group photo
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Mobil SaunaGus

Events with sauna, saunagus, ice-baths, and breathwork

Holberggaard natural pool
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Holberggaard, Gastronomy and Conference

Charming countryside venue / accommodation, restaurant, retreats & conferences

Anahata Yoga Center
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Anahata Yoga Retreat Center

Yoga and meditation retreats / B&B accommodation with vegan catering.

Frejlev Honning_stall
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Frejlev Honning

Creamy honey produced in a way that maintains the natural healthy properties

Nysted Strand Camping
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Nysted Strand Camping

A family driven and highly environmentally friendly camping site next to the sea

Villa Fjordhøj garden
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Villa Fjordhøj

Accommodation and event place with a wide range of health and wellness offers

Muldiverset smørrebrød
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Restaurant, café, food store / organic, fair trade, local produce, holistic

Stevns Klint_panorama with bikes

Stevns Klint – UNESCO World Heritage

Stevns Klint is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Møns Klint stjerner

Møns Klint – UNESCO Dark Sky Park

The chalk cliffs of Møn is an amazing nature experience

Ulvshale Beach

The water at Ulvshale is shallow and therefore very child friendly.

Marielyst Beach

Marielyst Strand is part of the approximately 10 kilometers of sandy beaches.

Kobæk Beach

Kobæk Beach is a popular, sandy beach and you will find many activities

Gudmindrup beach

Gudmindrup Beach is known to be one of the best beaches in Denmark.


Albuen – Elbow Beach

Child-friendly sandy beach on the south Lolland coast

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