A scenic 44 kilometres cycling route along the coastline of Guldborgsund that separates the two islands Falster and Lolland. Most of the trip has a beautiful view of the seaside and you will pass through fields, forests, and small villages, and cross Guldborgsund via two bridges. You rarely meet a car.

The route starts from Slotsbryggen in the main town Nykøbing Falster, from where you go north along Guldborgsund to Guldborg. Along the route you pass the manor houses Ny Kirstineberg, Pandebjerg and Vennerslund. In Guldborg you drive across the bridge to Lolland and south of the city the trail turns towards Majbølle and to the bird watchtower. Here you follow the gravel path along the highway to the top of the tunnel, where you experience standing in the middle of Guldborgsund. The tour continues through The Hamborg Forest past the Medieval Center and back across the bridge to Nykøbing Falster.

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Strandboulevarden 2A, 4800 Nykøbing Falster, Denmark

Opening season: All year, public routes and forests

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