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Muldiverset is an initiative that aims to reconnect guests to nature. Based on an underlying idea of how the ideal food system should function, Muldiverset is a restaurant, food store, educational institution, bakery, and food producer. All based on very strong ideals and principles on 100% organic/biodynamic food, local produce, sensory gastronomy, and connections between people.

Muldiverset is located at an old farmhouse in a tiny village in the countryside of the peninsula Jungshoved. Here you can eat lunch – for instance vegetarian smørrebrød (open sandwiches) and an organic juice - have a coffee or tea and a cake. On Thursday and Friday evenings there is social dining. All food can also be bought as take away.

The farm shop offers a full range of groceries, vegetables, and household supplies – all organic or biodynamic, fair-trade, and from local growers and producers. Mix your own herbal teas in the Phytoteket or take a look at the luxury vintage shop.

Muldiverset is a sustainable and circular organisation having no food waste, primarily sourcing from local farmers and with a preference for regenerative farming practices. The restaurant is surrounded by a large garden being run after permaculture principles. Muldiverset is a 100% idealistic organisation working for a more sustainable food system in our society, eventually resulting in health and wisdom.

We are living our own vision: Creating unique taste experiences by local, organic/biodynamic produce, connecting to the surrounding society, building a community of people, and by making guests understand that there are significant health benefits - physical and mental - by this kind of holistic thinking.

Contact information

(+45) 427 427 70

Stavreby Strandvej 36, Præstø, Denmark


Opening season: All year round

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