Ölands turismorganisation

A wellbeing adventure on Southern Öland

Sweden is divided into 25 provinces (a historical province), where Öland is the smallest. Öland is an island located in the Baltic Sea off the southeast coast of Sweden. Just 130 km long and 20 km wide, this fantastic island contains a unique flora that varies from pine forest, deciduous forest, pasture, and beach meadows to unique Alvar. The coast consists of rauks, miles of mighty wavelike sandy dunes, cliffs, and the enchanting sound experience of cobblestones. Wherever you are, you can feel the constant presence of ancient history. The secret history of the fort where Sanbyborg’s ring fort turned out to reveal well-hidden secrets. Churches, rune stones, mills, quarries all reveal signs about everyday challenges and fears but also joy and parties.

This route will take you thru some of the island’s amazing landscape, diversity of nature reserves, and thrilling cultural-historical sites. Along the way, you find a living urban area with restaurants offering high-quality local specialties, small quaint home bakeries, world-class crafts, flea markets, and much much more.

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Start your journey

Färjestadens badplats

Welcome to a wheelchair-accessible beach for the whole family. Here are places offering peace and quiet or providing possibilities to do exercise on land or water. It is close to shops where you can enjoy arts and crafts or buy clothes, decorations or sports equipment both second-hand and new. Lunch, dinner, and "fika" options are plentiful. Pull out the picnic rug to enjoy a homemade relaxing picnic or make the most of the barbeques supplied on the beach. If you prefer there are kiosks selling light refreshments or several waterfront restaurants for something more substantial.


From a hour to a day

Harbour, beach, physical and outdoor activities, restaurant, cafés, shopping and much more.

This route starts at Färjestaden, the port to Öland. You will reach the destination from Kalmar via the bridge Ölandsbron, by car or public transport. During the summer you and your bike can take the ferry. There is a lot to do here. Closely you will find a beach volleyball court, outdoor gym, movement walking paths, dog baths, and several different beaches that are suitable for both adults and children. For those who want to try activities in the water, there is the opportunity to kite, paddle sup, or swim between the buoys next to the harbor.

From a wellbeing perspective, you can find nice calm places and business that offers body treatments or nutritious food.

In the wintertime, the pier is a perfect spot for a Nordic cold bath.

Length to next stop: 10km


PDF Download Image Try a Nordic cold bath

Södra Hamnplan, Färjestaden, Sweden

Beijershamn Naturreservat

A little bit of paradise to be discovered. This is one of Öland's most easily accessible and popular natural areas. Following a long narrow road, you end up at a leafy parking lot with information signs and toilets. From here you can easily walk along the wooden pathway down to the water and the bird tower, or follow the trails to beach meadows, deciduous forests, and pastures. Along the way, you can find fantastic nature and rich animal and birdlife. The nature reserve Beijershamn is located along the coast about 7 kilometers south of Färjestaden, easy to reach by car, bus, or bike.


One night stay

Stay the night, watch the sunrise and sunset, and be mesmerized by the bird and wildlife.

The first stop at our route is Beijershamn. If you are our hiking or biking you can stay your first night before reaching the destination in a wind protection/shelter (lean-to shelter) the most common type of shelter you will encounter on Öland. The sleeping spot is between Karlevistene and Beijershamn.

Honour both sunrise and sunset rituals at your sleeping spot. The sunset over Kalmar strait is beautiful, dramatic, and stunning at the same time. It’s like a firework of colours. After a good night’s sleep, you can raise with the sun and get mesmerized by the birds in Beijershamn. There’s truly something magical about watching the beginning of a new day.

Set the clock and get up early with the birds to see the sun peek above the horizon and the skies fill with rich colours. Notice how the sky changes its colours and feel the temperature rising from the first rays of the sun. Sunrise is all about beginnings and possibilities. What surprises will your day hold?


PDF Download Image Enjoy wildlife, try bird watching

beijershamns naturreservat P, Bejershamnsvägen, Mörbylånga, Sweden


Located in southwestern Öland about 15 km south of Färjestaden you find Sweden's sweetest "köping" that 2020 turned 200 years old. Since its founding, Mörbylånga has been southern Öland's center for trade, industry, agriculture, culture, outdoor life, and sports and cultural associations. Visit this picturesque little town that is still teeming with corporate spirit and cozy experiences.


From a few hours to a day or more

A smal beautiful city to explore.

Either you can fill your backpack with supplies for the next hiking stage, settle down at one of all the restaurants and cafes and have a delicious meal, walk up and down the street and take part in historic buildings and places or go out to the coast and the harbor and listen to the sound of the waves and smell the sea. Mörbylånga also offers crafts and art.

If you want to stay overnight here, there are hotels, B & Bs, campsites and cottages for rent.

Mörbylånga, Sweden

Wellbeingplats Penåsa

Welcome to Penåsa, a unique, and diverse wellbeing place, located inside the world heritage site, the Great Alvar. With its unique flora and fauna, the wellbeing place, and its adjoining nature reserves Lilla Dalby & Bjärby offer your great opportunities to walk in the footsteps of the local history and to discover both natural, and cultural-historical remains. Whether you choose to engage your body in movement and still your curiosities, or are in search of peace, tranquillity, and relaxation, Penåsa is a great place to start your wellbeing journey. Here you can truly rest and recover.


2 hours and time to explore and sleep

Nature reserve and wellbeing place.

At Penåsa our journey ends, at the first Wellbeing place in Sweden. Here you find a bench facing the Great Alvar – it is a Wellbeing place where you can create “Me time” and connect with nature which helps you connect with life.  Sit down and relax. Spending time outdoors has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, boost happiness and spark creativity, among other benefits. Adding nature-based mindfulness exercises to the mix can also have positive effects.

So start focusing on the sensation that brings you the most pleasure. Notice your surroundings, like what color is the sky above you? How does the Alvar feel beneath your boots? What do you smell? What do you hear? Embrace the greatness of this unique and special place.

PDF Download Image Prepare for a good night sleep, try an evening ritual

PDF Download Image Download the broschure - A wellbeing adventure on Southern Öland

Penåsa Ödeby, Mörbylånga, Sweden

How to get around

Between the island and the mainland, there is an approximately 6 km wide strait, Kalmarsund. The bridge of Öland – Ölandsbron, connects Färjestaden on Öland to Kalmar on the mainland. If you are traveling to Öland by public transport, take the train to Kalmar, then you switch to a bus that will take you to Öland. In the summer season, from May through September, you can get aboard M/S Dessi. The ferry will take you turn- and return between Kalmar and Färjestaden, on Öland, within 30 minutes. Bring your bike, to explore the surroundings along the lovely shores of Öland. In this route, your journey begins at Färjestaden’s beach.

Between the first and second stop, you can take a detour to Karlevistenen, this ancient remain is considered one of Sweden’s most remarkable rune stones. If you walk or hike towards Beijershamn you can follow the hiking trail “Mörbylångaleden” from Karlevistenen. You pass the runestone Karelvistenen on your way down to the western coastline. Barely 2 km south of Karlevistenen is the rest area Karlevi Mo, with toilet, windbreak, and barbecue area. Please remember to keep it neat by respecting nature and your fellow hikers and bikers. By car to travel directly to Beijershamns parking place.

When traveling från Beijershamn to Mörbylånga you can choose to walk or bike along Mörbylångaleden. If you choose to drive, you can slowly experience the small countryside roads along the coast or take the main road between the two places. From Beijershamn to Penåsa you can choose to travel thru Kyrkbyn via Risinge or via Bengtstorp up to road 136.

  • By bike 1 1/2-3 hours (without stops)
  • Hiking: 6 1/2-7 hours (without stop)
  • By car: 43 minutes (without stop)
Your choice makes a difference!

A major part of traveling is getting from place to place. Whether you are abroad or traveling in the local or regional communities. There are multiple transportation options to choose from but as a wellbeing guest, with the intention of doing good, a sustainable transport mode is to be preferred. Sustainable transport systems make a positive contribution to the environmental, social, and economic sustainability of the communities they serve.

In the example below, you can see how different transport choices give more or less CO2 emissions per passenger-kilometers. We hope it can help you make changes on the way you get around.

Background and assumptions to the calculation

The length of the route is 32 km.

In the examples below we have the following assumptions:

  • All drivers have a fuel-efficient way of driving.
  • The calculation for buses considers that they are operating in partial load capacity.
  • CO2 emission for electric vehicles may vary based on how electricity is produced.
  • We use a single average for biogas emissions, although it may vary according to the production mode.

Note: The transport modes below are for comparison purposes. Check their availability at your destination. Different transport modes may affect the suggested length of the route.

Choose wisely and reduce your carbon footprint!
Bike - 0 g/CO2

Low Impact

Electrical Bike
Electric bike - 1,5 g/CO2

Low Impact

Electric Public Transport
Electric public transport - 128 g/CO2

Low Impact (provided that the Bus is well filled)

Electric Public Transport
Biofuel public transport - 264 g/CO2

Low Impact (provided that the Bus is well filled)

Public Transport
Public transport - 864 g/CO2

Medium Impact (provided that the Bus is well filled)

Electric car
Electric car - 209 g/CO2

Medium Impact (Medium sized electric vehicle)

Biofuel car
Biofuel car - 452 g/CO2

Medium Impact (Medium sized biogas vehicle)

Car - 1732 g/CO2

High Impact (Medium sized diesel vehicle)

Do you travel climate-smart?

Calculate your trip’s climate footprint! The Travel & climate calculator will help you choose travel options with low climate impact between different destinations. You can also have an estimative about the impact of your accommodation.