Wellbeing Regional Lithuania

Wellbeing Regional in Lithuania is hosted by the EUCC Baltic Office and Klaipeda State College. The regional Network is part of a crossborder cluster on Wellbeing Tourism Wellbeing International. Scroll down to find the registration form below.


The aim of the network is to connect regional SMEs and tourism actors with each other to facilitate sharing of knowledge and experiences related to sustainability and wellbeing, Tourism, as well as to contribute to entrepreneurship development in Wellbeing Tourism.

Online Meetingplace – Klaipeda State College

Our Wellbeing Regional network have as our primary communication platform pages of EUCC Baltic Office and Klaipeda State College on Facebook. The hosts of the network post news on what is going on in the crossborder organisation as well as regional events, seminars and opportunities related to wellbeing. It is also open for members to post inspirations, questions, events and collaborations. Today we are over 9 members. You do not need to be part of the Wellbeing Regional network to join EUCC Baltic Office the group “Wellbeing Regional Lithuania”, just send a request to join on Facebook.

Klaipeda Wellbeing Place

Our Wellbeing Place is located in Klaipeda. This place is open to anyone to visit. Here you can find information on Wellbeing Tourism and two benches in the landscape that allows for a moment of relaxation or contemplation. To find the place and to read more about it, visit the main page here on the Atlas for the Klaipeda Wellbeing place.

Join the Network

If you are a company operating in the following categories: Accommodation, Gastronomy, Service or Producers, a stakeholder or another type of actor in the tourism sector, and you identify with the values of the Wellbeing Tourism Concept then you are welcome to join Wellbeing Regional Lithuania. When you are a member of the regional network as an SME you automatically become connected to Wellbeing International. If you are a large company or another type of actor you can add a membership to Wellbeing International, then contact wellbeing@lnu.se.

Wellbeing Regional Registration Form – Lithuania
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