Campus University of Gdansk

Photo by Anna Dziadkiewicz
Photo by Anna Dziadkiewicz
The park, which is several acres in size, with old trees as well as new plantings of trees and coastal plants, captivates with its natural strength and aura. It is nestled among the university buildings, remembering the old days where students used to study on the grass for classes and exams. Next to it, blended into the natural space are the modern buildings of the various faculties, and students relax here in the breaks between classes, reading books, chatting and eating meals.

Sit comfortably on our wellbeing bench and enjoy the unique atmosphere of nature. Thanks to the undulating design, up to three people can relax and enjoy the fresh air. Let your thoughts wander. Take your time. Look at the plants and flowers around you. Listen to the rustling of the trees and the sound of the wind, watch the birds. Pay attention to the beauty of nature and the peaceful atmosphere. Free your thoughts and relax your body. Take a moment to be with yourself. Breathe deeply and immerse yourself with your thoughts. Allow yourself to relax and take this feeling of wellbeing into your everyday life.

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