Tips on how to develop your business

Start your journey to become a Home of Wellbeing. Step by step we will help you strengthen and develop you business. With the intention to do good you will contribute to wellbeing to guest, staff and for yourself without harming our environment.

A sustainable workplace

Equal treatment and equality

A wellbeing company always acts on the basis that all people are equally valuable and that everyone should be able to live a good life. In an equal workplace with a wide diversity, there are much greater conditions for the staff to feel good. When people with different ages, backgrounds, genders, education, languages, home addresses, and financial opportunities are mixed, greater acceptance and humanity can become the basis for your common values.

Prepare, have a plan and a strategy
  • make a strategy, and define goals
  • having workplace values as guiding principles for a wellbeing workplace culture
  • having a plan for how you will create a good physical work environment
  • having a plan for competence development – offer introduction, in-house training, educations
  • communicate this to your employees
Cherish your staff
  • treating staff members equally, meaning that you treat everyone the same regardless of their race, sex, social status, disability, religion, or anything else, so they can work together, solve problems, feel safe and cared for.
  • encouraging everyone to show respect for each other’s differences
  • helping staff solve everyday challenges
  • providing support for personal problems
  • having fair wage settings
  • avoiding mismatch in heights between people and the work that they are doing or other issues that makes the work harder

Interaction and cooperation

In a workplace, it is important that everyone contribute on equal terms, that they have the same opportunities, have the same obligations and is appreciated for their efforts and for who they are. Each employee’s skills and commitment are crucial to how things go for you and your business and how you are perceived by your customers and guests. Wellbeing companies are meeting, inspiring, activating, and taking care of people. This requires special demands on how your staff collaborates with each other and interacts with the guests. The working environment and service are improved by a good atmosphere and good interaction. By creating conditions for taking advantage of the power of your employees, you can create a creative and positive workplace where everyone works towards the same goal.

Prepare, have a plan and a strategy
  • make a strategy, and define goals
  • communicate this to your employees
Increase cooperation and create a we-feeling
  • have a positive attitude!
  • have a clear set of values that you work according to
    invite employees to development, change, and decision-making
  • have joint responsibility for customer satisfaction
    coach and support your employees
  • give freedom and responsibility to your employees
  • train and inform employees so they feel safe and can develop

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