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Start your journey to become a Home of Wellbeing. Step by step you will be supported in developing you business in line with wellbeing. With the intention to do good you will contribute with wellbeing to guests, staff and yourself, without harming the environment.

Welcome to the Home of Wellbeing

This website is called – the Wellbeing Atlas. It is a marketing platform for our network and brand Home Of Wellbeing. This brand includes you and all other wellbeing businesses and places approved according to the wellbeing tourism criteria.

Currently, the Wellbeing Atlas website presents businesses and places in five regions of the South Baltic. The atlas highlights this fantastic destination and its amazing wellbeing entrepreneurs.

With the support of the Wellbeing Atlas, tourists that seek wellbeing experiences are attracted to the region. The atlas serves as a planning tool for them and guides them in the search for wellbeing places and businesses to visit on their next vacation. The more Home Of Wellbeing companies and places that are active in the region, the more interesting and attractive your business will become for the tourists, and the longer the tourists are likely to stay in the area.

The Wellbeing Atlas is a transparent source of information. In order for you to be displayed on this website, you need to understand and embrace the concept of wellbeing tourism and be approved according to the criteria for wellbeing tourism.

See a short film on how to navigate on the atlas.
Tip: to enlarge the film, click on the square in the bottom right corner, F11 will reduce the film again.

Sign up & create a free account

If you want to learn more or join Home Of Wellbeing, you are welcome to sign up. The sign up process includes four different steps where information, descriptions and photos, is collected about your business and in what way you contribute to wellbeing. When signing up you will have the possibility to take one or more self-evaluation tests. These tests are both a way of guiding you through the values of wellbeing tourism and a way to make a publication on the Atlas possible. Before you start to promote yourself with texts and photos, we encourage you to dedicate some time to study the educational material. Is is important that you convey a feeling of wellbeing when you describe your company and your offers. Note that you are required to fill in all boxes in the form to be published on the atlas.

Steps to do: Sign up & create a free account. Create a username and password.

Learn what information you add under each headline: read more here

Confirm your email address and account

Steps to do: Once signed up, you will receive a confirmation email. In order to complete the sign up process you need to click on the confirmation link that will be sent to you by email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your spam folder. Also, verify that you entered a valid email address in our sign up form.

If you need assistance, contact us.

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