Palanga beach

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Połąga to niewątpliwie piękny kurort, w którym można spędzić czas, podziwiając uśmiechniętych turystów, przechadzających się wzdłuż wybrzeża. Warto wybrać się na spacer, aby się wyciszyć lub dodać sobie energii uprawiając jogging przy szumie morza wśród wydm.

The famous Palanga Bridge is a pier to the Baltic Sea, one of the most popular places between holidaymakers and tourists at the Lithuanian seaside resort.

Palanga is a resort town on the Baltic sea coast. Till the beginning of the 2nd century it was the only seaside town in Lithuania. Because of this, Palanga, probably, is the most popular place for Lithuanians to spend their summer holidays. During the summer the resort becomes full of various parties, so those, who are hoping for a peaceful rest, may be disappointed. Nevertheless, walking along the paths of the old Palanga Park between the centuries-old trees, you will reach the beach near Birutė’s Hill. This is a charming place, less crowded with people and has more services. The beach is disabled-friendly, and your every step into the sea and every stroke in the water are watched by the vigilant eyes of the lifeguards. There is also a shower where you can wash off the salt of the sea. The beach by Botanical park was awarded with the Blue Flag.

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Palanga beach, Palanga, Lithuania

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