Wellbeing route for body, mind & soul

Experience a Wellbeing route for body, mind, & soul

This wellbeing route is for you who are looking for inner peace, recovery, care for your body and soul.  Here you can become one with nature and fall in love with the beautiful landscape between the sea and forest.  You can experience beautiful and varied natural and cultural historical places, flowering meadows, lush forests and fields, and a beautiful, soul-opening coastal landscape. Choose if you want to experience it on your own or together with our wellbeing guides.

Along the route you can provide yourself with local food from the surrounding farm shops and make use of the “right of public access” to freely roam and explore and to even spend the night outdoors. You can also choose to be taken care of by our caring hosts and spend the night at our cosy wellbeing accommodations.

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Location: Sweden, southeast Småland

Season: all year round

Length: 1 - 2 day tour

For: Curious explorers

Start your journey


Energize and recover in nature. At the Gullabo forest you can choose your own tempo by relaxing on a cozy spot or hiking one of the many trails around the area. You will come across many cultural historical remains, sacred places, and memories from past times. Pack your backpack with a nutritious Swedish fika, a yoga mat, and a pillow, a book, or put on your most comfortable hiking shoes and go find your wellbeing adventure!


3 hours

Start the day by activating your senses with a tranquil forest bath. The healing and calming energies of the forest helps you lower your heart rate, stimulates your breath, and sets the mood for the day. Around the village of Gullabo you will find well marked hiking trails that guide you along lush gravel roads, forest paths, over aromatic fields, through beautiful forest pastures, past picturesque red cottages and beautiful, cultural historical farms.

PDF Download Image Enjoy Shinrin Yoku, the art of forest bathing

Gullabovägen 17, 385 92 Gullabo, Sweden


Enjoy a truly relaxing and energizing bath, or just pause on the jetty and let your feet dangle into the water. Embrace the stillness, the space, and the comforting sounds of nature. The seemingly dark, and still water will give you a comforting, warm, and nursing feeling as if mother nature is caring for you. Despite its rich, dark colour, the water is clean and fresh; during the summer months, the water is usually a little warmer. The small beach and sandy bottom invite you to a mindful and slow walk into the water.


2 hours

Bathing in a Smålandic lake is different, it fills your soul with an empowering feeling and inner peace. If you rather just enjoy the beautiful view you, lay down on the dock  and let your fingertips slide through the water.

At the small campfire and barbeque place you can warm your snacks, boil tea water or cook your lunch. There are also benches, picnic tables and a dry toilet. There is also a shorter hiking trail around the lake. Before your visit to Iglasjön, remember to shop some local and organic products such as fika, produces for your snack or lunch, from the surrounding farm shops.

PDF Download Image Combine you visit with mindfulness at the beach

Iglasjön, Torsås, Sweden

Stuvenäs & Kalmarsunds coastal landscape

Explore the natural and cultural assets along the coast of Kalmar strait. The coast line and its beach meadows are the result of a successful interaction between people, animals and nature for many thousands of years. The coast is truly diverse, and eventful. It hosts a large number species of unique animals and plants. Here you can choose from several different activities that contribute to your inner, and outer wellbeing of your body, mind, and soul.


2 hours + possibility to stay overnight

This is also your final destination for the day. There are several different activities  you can choose depending on the lenght of your stay.

Explore the various walking and hiking trails along the coast, such as the Kalmarsunds trail. From here you can visit Fulvik’s sandy beach, stroll along the “quiz trail” or take an energizing walk in the nature reserve Örarevet.

Moreover, there are various ancient remains such as cairns, tar valleys and other cultural sites around this area

If you plan the wellbeing route as a multi-day experience, you can book a room in one of our cosy wellbeing accommodations in the area. Our conscious and caring hosts take care of you so you can relax and rest with a clear conscience. Explore more wellbeing accomodation and services via discover places in the menue above.

PDF Download Image Enjoy wildlife, try bird watching

PDF Download Image Prepare for a good night sleep, try an evening ritual

Unnamed Road, 385 97 Söderåkra, Sweden

Fulviks badplats

Fulvik beach is a visit-worthy wellbeing destination all year round. Its connecting walking paths, hiking trails, and its adjacent nature reserve form together a spacious arena for outdoor life, long baths, peaceful moments at the beach, relaxation, and joyful nature experiences. We invite you to experience this variated place during all seasons. The unique place often changes its aura and thus becomes a varied and eventful destination in both sunshine, rain, in windy weather, and even during the winter, when it is really cold and icy when the snow embraces the beautiful coastal landscape.


1,5 - 3 hours

You can start your day  with a walk to the beach and take a refreshing dip in the sea. If you choose to spend the night on one of our wellbeing accommodations nearby, in a heated outdoor pool.

Take the opportunity to practice your morning meditation or yoga session in a beach meadow or on the sun warmed sandy beach.

Next to the beach there are several paths and hiking trails, here you can roam around freely to explore the beautiful the coastal landscape and nature experiences Örarevets nature reserve has to offer.

PDF Download Image Combine you visit with mindfulness at the beach

Gunnarstorp 715, 385 97 Söderåkra, Sweden

Örarevets Naturreservat

Find yourself in the middle of the glittering sea, listening to sea birds and the soothing sounds of the waves rolling over the shore. Let the sunbeams tickle your nose tip and enjoy being in harmony with nature. Far out on the tip of the nature reserve Örarevet you will be surrounded by water, small islands, and skerries. Here you can experience a rich birdlife, wonderful beach meadows, pebblestone beaches, and curious small stone labyrinths that invite you to discover this place in a joyful way. Take a walk in the barren pine forest or stroll around on the 2 km long esker.


1-3 hours dependig on the selected activities

We invite you  to meet the sun and fresh air by walking  along the Kalmarsunds trail down to the beach and to the adjacent nature reserve Örarevet. There are longer trails available.

You can also bring your binocular and dance to the song of different bird species in the area.

PDF Download Image Try a wellbeing activity, embrace a mindfulness walk

PDF Download Image Enjoy wildlife, try bird watching

Örarevet, Söderåkra, Sweden

Södermöres gårdsbutiker

Around Södermöre you will find various farm shops, small shacks, charming market stalls with lovingly handwritten signs and self-service, traditional barn-shops, as well more modern, yet carefully renovated venues, serving Swedish fika or smaller meals. Follow the food from farm to fork. During your journey through the countryside, you can see how the crops are grown, how the animals happily wander on their large natural pastures, or how the food artisans create their flavourful and unique delicacies right in front of you.


2,5 hours

Along the farm shop route, you will find lovingly crafted food products from animals grazing on natural pastures such as cheese, yogurt and other dairy pro­ducts, as well as refined products such as nordic grains, jams, juices, chutneys, breads and pastries. And depending on the season, a colourful variation of fruits and vegetables, from beets, cabbages, strawberries, to potatoes and kale.

Get inspired by unique local products where you can feel, see, and experience exciting flavours from heritage grains, naturally cultivated crops and other products from the surrounding natural pastures. Here you get to taste the local cultural heritage and the genuine Smålandic flavors.

Check out our wellbeing routes leaflet for further directions!

PDF Download Image Wellbeing route - Discover the farmshops of Södermöre

Loverslund, 388 96 Ljungbyholm, Sweden

Choose your path for the route

Before you start your journey you can choose different alternate routes. You have the possibility to travel through scenic roads between each stop so that you can experience and take in all the beauty that the Småland countryside has to offer. Cultural-historical buildings and memories, nature, and other beautiful sightings invite you to experience the route during all seasons of the year.

Your choice makes a difference!

A major part of traveling is getting from place to place. Whether you are abroad or traveling in the local or regional communities. There are multiple transportation options to choose from but as a wellbeing guest, with the intention of doing good, a sustainable transport mode is to be preferred. Sustainable transport systems make a positive contribution to the environmental, social, and economic sustainability of the communities they serve.

In the example below, you can see how different transport choices give more or less CO2 emissions per passenger-kilometers. We hope it can help you make changes on the way you get around.

Background and assumptions to the calculation

The length of the route is 85 km.

In the examples below we have the following assumptions:

  • All drivers have a fuel-efficient way of driving.
  • The calculation for buses considers that they are operating in partial load capacity.
  • CO2 emission for electric vehicles may vary based on how electricity is produced.
  • We use a single average for biogas emissions, although it may vary according to the production mode.

Note: The transport modes below are for comparison purposes. Check their availability at your destination. Different transport modes may affect the suggested length of the route.

Choose wisely and reduce your carbon footprint!
Rower - 0 g/CO2

Najlepszy wybór, Niewielki wpływ

Electrical Bike
Rower elektryczny - 5 g/CO2

Niewielki wpływ (calculation based on the national GHC 2020 and an 5.9kwh)

Electric Public Transport
Elektryczny transport publiczny - 340 g/CO2

Niewielki wpływ (provided that the Bus is well filled)

Electric Public Transport
Transport publiczny na biopaliwa - 701 g/CO2

Umiarkowany wpływ (provided that the Bus is well filled)

Public Transport
Transportem publicznym - 2295 g/CO2

Umiarkowany wpływ (provided that the Bus is well filled)

Electric car
Samochód elektryczny - 557 g/CO2

Umiarkowany wpływ (Medium sized electric vehicle)

Biofuel car
Samochód na biopaliwo - 701 g/CO2

Umiarkowany wpływ (Medium sized biogas vehicle)

Samochodem - 4602 g/CO2

Wysoki wpływ (Medium sized diesel vehicle)

Do you travel climate-smart?

Calculate your trip’s climate footprint! The Travel & climate calculator will help you choose travel options with low climate impact between different destinations. You can also have an estimative about the impact of your accommodation.