A few minutes from the wonderful peninsular Fischland-Darß-Zingst, you enter into calm and untouched nature. The river Recknitz flows across the Vogelparkregion Recknitztal and is home for many plants and even rare animals like the lesser spotted eagle or the Eurasian kingfisher.

Vogelparkregion Recknitztal, calm and untouched nature

The name of the region origins in two of its most attractive sights: the zoo bird park Marlow and the valley of the river Recknitz.

On its way, the river passes the cities of Tessin, Bad Sülze, Marlow, and finally Ribnitz-Damgarten before it enters the Saaler Bodden. Along the river course, you see beautiful landscape. Explore the rich flora and fauna either with a guided tour or on your own – on foot, with a bike, canoe or from the back of a horse. Pay attention to the small things – the hidden treasures are not that easy to discover.

Handcraft, historic manor houses, nature – you are welcome to have a closer look. Manufacturers will lead you through their production and show you the delicacies they make from regional and/or organic produce. You always wanted to know, how manor houses look like? Go and visit the warm-hearted landlords and ~ladies, they will love to tell their story. Stroll around the beautiful gardens and you learn about nature protection and healthy gardening. Discover the treasures of nature in the unspoiled and biodiverse landscape. With an alert mind, you will always discover something new.


Travel to Vogelparkregion Recknitztal region, Germany

When traveling to a destination abroad or at your homeland you can choose between different transport modes which all have different impacts on the environment.  The suggestion below outlines the most environmentally friendly way to travel to Germany from the neighboring countries that took part in the wellbeing project.

Traveling from:

    • Denmark – take public transportation to Gesder and then the ferry to Rostock. In Rostock you can take public transportation.
    • Gdansk/Gdynia in Poland, you are able to do most of the travel by train in a longer ride.
    • Kalmar Region, Sweden – You can reach the Trelleborg ferry terminal by public transport – from there take the ferry from to Rostock. If you are not traveling by car you can get public transportation to the region
    • Klaipeda, Lithuania – travel by bus or train from Klaipeda – Vilnius – Warsaw –Berlin – to Vogelparkregion Recknitztal, it is a long travel, so prepare your self-care packgage, healthy snack and a nice book for your wellbeing.

Make sure you check timetables and connections! If you are taking by ferry, we highly recommend to pre-book your tickets.


Route along the Baltic coast, including the peninsula Fischland-Darß-Zingst

Jacobs-Pilgerweg der Heiligen Brigitta

Walking trail

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Erlebnisreiterhof Bernsteinreiter Hirschburg

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Ferienwohnung cafe-wunder-bar

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Marlower Kanu- und Bootsverleih

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Keramik m-1

Die historische Salzstraße

Route: Discovering the historic salt road in Vogelparkregion Recknitztal.

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Gutshof-Garten Alt Guthendorf

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Duft-Noten Ziolkowski


Zwiedzanie młynów- poznaj różnorodność młynów w Vogelparkregion Recknitztal

Hafen Damgarten

Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere at the Damgarten harbour.


The river Recknitz flows peacefully through the region.

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Schlösschen Sundische Wiese

Enjoy the special atmosphere at the restaurant and café.

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Jugendgästehaus “Graureiher”

Enjoy a peaceful stay at hour youth hostel in the middle of beautiful nature.

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Rosengarten Schlemmin

Enjoy the summer surrounded by hundreds of roses.

Kurpark Bad Sülze

Enjoy the silence in the beautiful surrounding of the spa park of Bad Sülze.

Naturschutzgebiet Unteres Recknitztal

National park

National park Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft

National park

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Gut Nisdorf – Holiday apartments with added value

Guests arrive, let go of their routine and simply enjoy their stay.

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Recknitztal Hotel Marlow

Enjoy the experience of being especially welcome.

Beach at the Baltic Sea spa town of Prerow

Sandy beach in Prerow

Beach at the Baltic Sea spa town of Wustrow

Beautiful beach in Wustrow

Beach at the Baltic Sea spa town of Zingst

Beautiful beach in Zingst

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Charismatic holiday homes in the heart of Bad Sülze

Beach at the Baltic Sea spa town of Graal-Müritz

Five kilometers of pure sandy beach.

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Ferienhof SchilfMeer

Holiday homes close to the bodden.

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Ostseemühle Langenhanshagen

Café with homemade cake

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Café and restaurant in Bad Sülze

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LOK – Die Pension – Das Restaurant

Restaurant in Tessin

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Bio-Rösterei LandDelikat

Organic coffee roast house in Barth

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Gutes aus Neuenrost

Jam and juice manufactory

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Senfmühle Schlemmin

Traditional mustard manufactory

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Bernstein Schaumanufaktur Ostsee-Schmuck

Discover amber in its most beautiful form: jewellery

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BalticFit personal training

SUP on the river Recknitz and the bodden.

Beach at the Baltic Sea spa town of Ahrenshoop

Discover the long sandy beach in Ahrenshoop.

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Naturreisen MV

Guided canoeing tours on the river Recknitz

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Salzmanufaktur M-V

Relaxation in salty air

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