Park Oliwski

Considered the most beautiful park in Gdańsk, the historic park was founded in the 15th century by the Cistercians as a monastery garden. The park is a very popular place for relaxation, picnic and enjoying its many sights. Don't miss out on the Groty Szeptów the 'Whispering Caves' (aka. Dionysus' Ears) - try to hear each other’s whispers.

The present shape of the park was established in the 18th century and has remained almost unchanged until today. Its most famous part is the Baroque (French) garden in front of the Abbots’ Palace with intricately decorated flower beds and shrubs sculpted into geometric figures. The trimmed rows of linden trees also come from this period. They are formed into green walls around the pond and along the canal and together make the landscape axis known as the Princely View. The rest of the park consists of an English-Chinese garden with numerous water reservoirs and a Japanese garden, a gazebo and sculpted azaleas, and pine trees.

Park Oliwski, Opata Jacka Rybińskiego, Gdańsk, Poland

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