Karkelbeck No. 409

Foto af Matas Mendelis
Foto af Matas Mendelis
Foto af Matas Mendelis
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Karkelbeck No. 409 luxurious camping (glamping) and guest house is located in the forest, away from the busy points of attraction during the summer. Peace with the sea overlooking the open window, Lithuanian meadow full of flowering wild flowers, old oak and forest, where the Forest therapy can take place, path down to the sea, Baltic waves and sand, healing blue clay, wellness services and education, exceptional active leisure, cozy and comfortable home environment in the evening.

„Karkelbeck No. The 409 ”homestead is located on the shore of the Baltic Sea, next to the Dutch Cap Cliff. Karkelbeck No. 409 camping and guest house invites holidaymakers to relax by the sea. Exclusive location, yoga classes, herbs, amber therapy, lectures, fresh vegetarian food, lovely Teddy bears filled with amber, forest therapy, other paths, walking along the coast, gathering herbs or amber; swiming in the sea are excellent activities that brings better feeling and health. The homestead offers pre-ordered therapies for groups, families and one person: amber and sound therapy with sounding bowls; dance movement and sound therapy; fractal drawing; collection of herbs (depending on the season). Massages: amber, Ayurvedic, acupuncture, Japanese Shiatsu, woody sticks.

As the glamping is located in the protected area, it’s structures, buildings, material and heating is absolutely sustainable.

The Karkelbeck No 409 homestead is large and has its own philosophy and history. The glamping includes the Royal Amber Workshop with private terrace and meadow and the Old Karkelbeck School with private meadow and fountain views, spacious and luxurious camping close by nature that limits the number of guests, and the educational pavilion with its surrounding area without intoxicants in any form.

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+370 46 446990


R32C+M7 Karklė

Opening season: May -September, but can be the whole year

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