Stevns Klint – UNESCO World Heritage

Stevns Klint is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can experience the amazing and unique nature and feel part of the history of our planet. Find your own peaceful spot or enjoy being active outdoors. The area offers trails for walking, biking, and horseback riding, and the sea is great for canoeing, diving, sailing, and surfing.

Stevns Klint (the Cliff of Stevns) is of great geological importance as it is the best place in the world to witness traces of the catastrophes that hit the Earth 66 million years ago. Between the cliff’s thick layer of chalk and limestone there is a thin layer of Fish Clay, which tells the story of how the ecosystems of the Earth were pressured by the eruption of so-called ‘super volcanoes’, and of how an asteroid struck and put an end to the history of the dinosaurs. The asteroid wiped out more than half of all life on the planet. The beginning of life as we know it today.

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Stevns Klint

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