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Unique place in the heart of Gdynia where you can experience an awareness by movement, breath and beingcompletely present in yourself....

Centrum Yoga and Pilates offers variety of practices divided into groups: beginner, general and intermediate.

There are many types of exercises: Yoga Iyengar, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Classical and Contemporary Pilates , Bodyart, Self-Massage, Yogaand Pilatesfor spine, Fascial Yoga, Relaxing Yoga.

We are also involved in your inner growth. As a result of which , Centrum Yoga and Pilates organizes developmental, therapeutic and supporting health workshops like: Trauma Release Exercises, Recall Healing, Mindfulness for adults and children, relaxing concerts of Crystal Bowls and Bowls with Gong, Pelvic muscular exercises.

In addition, you can try the benefits of Naturopathy, Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, as well as, Japanese face lift and face reflexology, Jivaka massage. Access Bars and Holistic sessions.

Be the part of Centrum Yoga and Pilates!

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Starowiejska 54/3, 81-001 Gdynia, Poland

Opening season: All year

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